Issue #3: July - Sept 2011

Who's next? Can anyone do it? Who can tackle a city that many claim doesn't have a market for their kind of music? These questions would probably keep most artist up at night, but in the mind of "N.A.P." they are becoming irrelevant.

Every city has their cast of Hip Hop artist who have dreams and ambitions of being "the one". Truth is - he knows once you hear his delivery, tone, and inflection in his voice, it's impossible to deny N.A.P. as a new force in Hip Hop. After listening to his music you'll understand it's not a matter of whether he'll be first to explode or even second or third on the scene, he's distinct sound makes it inevitable that he will break-through.

Working between studios in Atlanta and Los Angelos, Reuben Anderson better known as N.A.P. is the embodiment of the Southwest in every sense of the word. With pure diligence and an insomniac work ethic, the 25-year-old rapper from West Phoenix, Arizona has already caught the attention of many overseas with radio airplay and spins on several stations. With a wide range of performances in clubs, college campuses, and charity events; witnessing his stage presence will automatically make you a believer.

N.A.P. has been fortunate to work with producers that have created tracks for Gucci Mane, Jagged Edge, and T.I. His single "Dope Boy Stance", with it's infectious hook, is becoming a hit on the internet and has been featured on several internet radios and commercially hosted mixtapes. N.A.P. is currently featured as the top Street Heat artist on Power 98.3, Phoenix, Arizona's biggest commercial Hip Hop station.

His music is a reflection of him and he puts life and emotions into every verse. “Music is a story and I'm the storyteller;” N.A.P. says. “Arizona’s one of those stories you don’t hear about often, and I want to share our culture with everyone.”

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